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Congratulations on your great new photo app, which seems most impressive. I today purchased it from the App Store and would like to become familiar with the details of how to better use it.


I found your videos on Vimeo, which is awkward compared to Youtube, and have a problem with how they get cropped on my TV.  I was surprised to see your screens on Vimeo losing the edges with the tool bars on a new large Samsung. I have a very advanced TV that doesn't crop anything and works with a wide range of sources. I routinely watch similar videos on Youtube.  I also use Airplay to transfer and watch videos without problems. Whatever the problem with your videos, it doesn't relate to the TV. 


I wonder if there is some practical or commercial reason why they are just not uploaded to Youtube? I notice they will view on an iPad without cropping, in an oddly elongated format, but that is less convenient for watching an hour or so at a time. 


Apart from the cropping, I was wondering if somewhere you have a list with recommended viewing order of the various features being explained individually.  I assume it's best to start with the RAW developer, but any pointers?


It's a pity to have to begin here like this, but as a new user this is my first experience of your app.  I can see it's impressive, so it would be great not to have hassles with something as basic as the videos.



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Hiya Razzle, welcome to the forums.


There are decent reasons we maintain our official channel on Vimeo; one huge and very practical reason is that videos can be replaced, ideal for updating content as the apps evolve. You can download the videos if it helps, something else that Vimeo makes easy. There's no obvious reason I can think of why they don't display correctly on your TV if there's no overscan but it's likely down to some API or other software issue rather than something inherent in the videos. With all the vids easily updatable on Vimeo it's more than double the effort to maintain the same set on YouTube and we would rather focus on making more and better videos, handbooks, guides and articles than duplicating effort.


To see the videos in a recommended order you can read the info in this forum thread in the Tutorials section or check out this album on Vimeo.


Hope these get you up and running in the way you like, let us know how you get on.

Twitter: @Writer_Dale
Affinity apps run on: Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM, GTX1650 Super

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Hi Dale


Thanks for your fast and very helpful answer.  That list of videos, all grouped by topic, seems wonderfully comprehensive and I'm looking forward to getting started.


Pity about the TV problems, but I'll probably watch them on my computer or iPad.


I hope you all enjoy great success with Affinity Photo, which seems a most amazing app to just pop up unexpectedly. 

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