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Designer shortcuts: assign Command key to toggle Move tool instead of Node tool?

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From previous software, I am accustomed to using the Command key (Mac) to toggle temporarily from the current tool I'm using to a broad selection tool, or to what in Designer is the Move (V) tool.  In Designer, Command will only toggle my current tool with the Node tool (A). I realise this may sound like a mere quibble, but at least in my workflow - especially when planning things out -  I'd much rather have the Move's tool broad selection capabilities as quick helper than the Node tool's detailed ones. 

I searched the Shortcut Settings but found no way to change this assignment, not even temporarily. The Command key seems to be fixed by default on editing Nodes.

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There is no way currently to over ride this behaviour. 

However hitting v will toggle to the Move tool, and a second press will return to the previous tool. 

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I appreciate it's not a toggle but from any active tool, selecting V on the keyboard will alternate between your currently selected tool and the Move tool, so, hit V to select the Move tool, hit V again to revert back to your original tool... not quite what you're looking for but maybe a halfway house...

It would certainly be nice to have a preference setting where you could choose between the Node or Move tool as the toggle for the Cmd key... :)

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Thanks for the tip! I actually had not noticed the second hit on V, I was going V-B-V-B etc 😁 Indeed this comes very close to what I have in mind (and what I rate as being a bit of a standard in many graphic and animation apps, like Spacebar for the Hand). Though it would be more my comfort zone if I could just press and un-press, I guess I can live with this :)

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