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How to create Outline Brushes in Affinity Designer 2?

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Hey there :)

I've searched a long time now but can't find a proper explaination / tutorial on how to create an vector outline brush in Affinity Designer.

I've seen equal topics that hadn't had a solution so I am bringing it up again.

My goal is to have a nice, well adjustable, brush for some cool handwriting with 3D / shadow effekt or multiple of same.

I've seen a lot of tutorials on ProCreate but I really want to use Affinity.

And i do not want to have a work around, I am aware I could copy paste and by this layer the writing or use fx. But that's all extra steps I'd rather avoid.

This might help as a visualisation of what I am about.


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thanks a lot for the reply, I've seen that video, but it does not really help with my problem. As i tried what he did, my results weren't quite useful.

I think I need to further show what I want to create. 


From about 1:15 min. Onwards he displays several brushes, but i can't find a proper explanation.

Thanks again 🙏🏻


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  • Staff

Hi @ReekOh,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums :)

I am not 100% certain of the exact methods used in the above video, however you can achieve similar results using Sub-brushes in Affinity.

Please see the short screen recording below showing one method of using these - 


I'd recommend playing with both the 'master' and 'sub' brush settings until you're happy with the brushes you've made. I hope this helps!

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37 minutes ago, ReekOh said:

... Onwards he displays several brushes, but i can't find a proper explanation.

That's since the author of that video made it more as an advertisment for his brush pack & tutorial ("Full premium Outline brush pack + tutorial how to make your own.")

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12 hours ago, ReekOh said:

on how to create an vector outline brush in Affinity Designer.

@Dan C the question is about vector brushes.
I don't think your options will work here.
Only way I can think of is use the appearance panel and have an erase blend mode for the top brush and adjust the pressure and save as style to apply after painting with a basic brush.

*but using the erase blendmode will rasterise during export so using a rasterbrush will give the same outcome anyway.


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  • Staff
2 minutes ago, Return said:

the question is about vector brushes.

The video provided by OP above clearly shows Affinity Designer in the Pixel Persona, which is why I have provided suggestions for use with a pixel brush.

I appreciate their initial post reads Vector, but the example they have provided is Pixel based and therefore I suspect provided the correct effect is achieved they are less concerned over the exact tool used.

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Thanks for all the replies :)

As I could not find any other videos i had to use that one.

Yes I would prefer a vector brush as I don't want to have upscaling issues, which if I am right is happening with pixel brushes.

I Nevertheless will look into the pixel brushes then and see if there's a tutorial about it.

maybe they'll come up with it sometime.

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