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Jim Monson

Converting imported oval curves to ellipses

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I have constructed scores of maps with thousands of small ovals to represent site locations. When I brought these into Affinity Designer (AD) they are transformed into curves. When exporting groups of these curves as SVGs the size of SVG doc is quite large compared to exporting an SVG from the same number of ellipses created in AD (a quite small doc).




1. is there any way in AD to convert these imported curves into ellipses, as AD converts curves to donuts or pies? If not, this would be an extremely handy convert to add to AD in the future.


2. Is there any method to keep the Illustrator dots as ellipses rather than have then converted to curves?

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Hi Jim Monson,


There isn't a way to convert the curves into ellipses I'm afraid. However that doesn't mean it wont be added in the future :) Would you be able to provide the .AI file in question? As the dots shouldn't be being converted to curves unless they are full stops. 



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