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Moving top layer hangs layer.

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Any layer I attempt to drag to top of the stack hangs. Can not move top layer down or lower layers to top.

This is in regard to APho 1 and 2. Not only does it hang the layer, but also shows hung layers when layers palette closed.

Neither the top layer nor the layer immediately below it will move, the 3rd layer moves down up not up, moving it up will hang.

Just prior to this I reset my ipad pro and downloaded all my apps anew which resulted in a 130 gb reduction in storage.

The afphoto file v2 attached allowed me to move the top layer once, then hung. 

I suspect an iPad problem but not sure, everything seems slow to respond.





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5 hours ago, Affinity Rat said:

Anyway to move a layer up the stack without dragging it? I think that can be done from the menu in desktop version.

With the Move Tool active, and the layer selected in the Layers panel: 




-- Walt
Designer, Photo, and Publisher V1 and V2 at latest retail and beta releases
    Desktop:  Windows 11 Pro, version 23H2, 64GB memory, AMD Ryzen 9 5900 12-Core @ 3.00 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 

    Laptop:  Windows 11 Pro, version 23H2, 32GB memory, Intel Core i7-10750H @ 2.60GHz, Intel UHD Graphics Comet Lake GT2 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU.
iPad:  iPad Pro M1, 12.9": iPadOS 17.3, Apple Pencil 2, Magic Keyboard 
Mac:  2023 M2 MacBook Air 15", 16GB memory, macOS Sonoma 14.3.1

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Could someone download this file and move the top layer. I reinstalled the app open this file was able to move the top layer by dragging it down, but after that couldnt drag the new top layer. The question is, Is my iPad corrupting these files or is the file not corrupted but the iPad not working properly. I guess either way it looks like an iPad problem.

In the screen shot can see the hang of layers.



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  • Staff

Hi @Affinity Rat,

Thanks for your report and files provided!

I have been testing this in AFP 2.10 on my iPad (iPadOS 16, 6th gen, 2018) and unfortunately thus far I'm not seeing the same behaviour shown in your screenshots.

Are you simply tap and holding these layers in the Layers Studio, then dragging them up/down the layers stack to change the order, or are there additional steps that I'm not testing currently?

What iPad model and iPadOS version are you running currently?

Many thanks in advance :)

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Yes I cant  do what you are doing.
Thanks so its not a file corruption.

Its an iPad Pro, OS 16.5

I discovered if I rotate my ipad 180 degrees, I can drag layers. So confirms my suspicion its a iPad hardware problem, as I just reset my iPad and installed latest OS and still misbehaving,

Thank you so much for that.


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  • Staff

No problem at all - I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing issues after resetting your iPad!

I'd like to test this further here to try and confirm for certain that it is not specific to the iPad model you are running, do you know which 'generation' of iPad Pro you are using please?

If you find any specific triggers for this issue, please do let me know :)

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  • Staff

Actually, in further testing I have been able to find a trigger for this issue - though I'm not sure if this is slightly different from the steps you're taking.

If you open the Layers Studio and tap and hold on a layer to move it, you will see that layer now 'follows' your finger, provided you keep your tap held down on the screen.

Once you have a layer selected, if you open any other Studio you will then find this layer 'sticks' on screen and persists until you restart the app.

I'm getting this logged with the dev team now, to be resolved ASAP.

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Yes that was happening to me.

Its now apparent that there was both a hardware and software issue, with the behavior I was seeing. 
In my case because of the hardware problem not allowing me to move the layer, I then clicked on another studio thereby triggering this event.

Good to get the bottom of this issue.


Mr Knowsomethingall

Ps having problem uploading some files to website, site returns an error. Will restart iPad and try again.

ok success after restart, it (ipad) wouldnt allow me to upload png(by upload I mean I could select it, then click Open to send to website but nothing sent) from files but would allow jpeg. Created jpeg added to ipad photo library and tried upload and website gave an error saying contact support.
In addition after copying text from system info ie Model number website or ipad wouldnt paste into this post, but would paste to ipad Notes. Image below contains the text I attempted to post but wouldnt paste here.

After restart can also now paste text. ie MPF22LL/A and upload png no problem.




Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 08.23.35.png

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  • Staff

The issue "Layer gets stuck on screen and only vanishes after restart" (REF: AFD-4481) has been fixed by the developers in build "2.2.0 Release".
This fix should be checkable in the current customer release.
Customer beta builds are announced here and you can participate by following these instructions.
If you still experience this problem once you are using that build version (or later) please reply to this thread including @Serif Info Bot to notify us.

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