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Export Slices Presets still crash in Affinity Photo 2.1.0

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Hi NathanC,

When I make a preset with jpg and webp in the slices export panel and close and open Affinity Photo, then load the preset Affinity Photo crashes still. First I had the idea that it was because of older version presets, but when creating new presets it is still crashing. This bug was reported by me months ago. I attached the export_config.dat again as well as the bug report from my iMac when the crash happens! 


Back to version 1 again! 





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  • Staff

Hi David,

Please do not create duplicate bug reports on the forums, if you have reported the issue previously and it has not yet been marked as Fixed by the 'Serif Info Bot' then please post in the original report thread to let our team know.

Duplicate reports can slow down our support team and won't change the resolution time from our developers.

Many thanks for your understanding here!

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  • Staff

Unfortunately this issue is yet to be marked as resolved by our development team, and as you've mentioned you're still able to replicate the crash in the latest 2.1 version.

2 minutes ago, All Media Lab said:

Where can I find the Serif Info Bot?

During the beta of 2.1 we have started using an automated system here on the Forums, whereby a thread will be notified when the reported issue is resolved, by the 'Serif Info Bot'. An example of such a post can be seen here - 

If your thread does not have this automated response, then the issue likely remains open with the development team.

In either case please always refer to your original report, rather than creating a new thread here on the Forums for the aforementioned reasons.

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