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Textures for Affinity Designer

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I've been looking around I couldn't find a request for texturing objects in AD


Please see the attachment for what I mean. I took the screenshot from Fireworks where it is possible to add multiple textures in one object. The amount is overwhelming and very useful when illustrating.


The only texture AD seems to have is "noise" but I am missing a whole set of them. Is it maybe that there is another way to achieve this and I didn't see it yet? I thought of patterns but they are cumbersome compared to this kind of texturing which is fast and easy to produce.



Anyway, thanks,  and I'd like to know if there is any possibility of getting this in AD or another way I can achieve these effects as of today.








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Thanks. Yes, hidden you said it well ;) 



It'd be really useful to add something like a combo where "noise" seats, just more options than simply noise, where we could choose out of different pre-made patterns, just as I showed in the attachment. I use them a lot in Fireworks and they are so useful to add textures quickly. 


Thanks very much.

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