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[Publisher] Pixilated Vector When Exporting

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Hello there

I have a project were I made graphics in Designer and linked to these in Publisher.

But upon exporting to pdf from Publisher, some of the vector art becomes pixilated.

When linked to PDF or exporting from Designer, there is no pixilation.

Any idea why and more importantly, how to fix this?

NOTE: This is not the only place there is pixilation. There are many others, but I think the problem might be coming from the same source.

5_PDF_Graphic.pdf 1_Exported_From_Publisher.pdf 2_Exported_From_Designer.pdf 3_Combined.afpub 4_Pure_Graphic.afdesign

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  • Staff

Hi @Neros,

Thanks for your report & your files provided, this is certainly helpful.

I can confirm I have been able to determine the cause of this rasterisation - it appears to occur due to the Vector Mask applied to the Drilldozer icon group layer, above the Crystals layer, in conjunction with the Group layer nested within the Cropped Group, set to 30% Opacity.

Editing this Vector Mask, such that it does not encompass this crystals area, or removing the secondary group and setting the Curve directly to 30% Opacity stops the Crystal Curve layers from being rasterised when exporting to PDF - 


However, I don't believe this is expected behaviour and therefore I will be logging this as a bug with our developers now.

I hope this helps!

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