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Color issues when iMessaging jpeg exported with Affinity.

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The background: I have an AD file I exported to jpeg, which I then imported to Apple's Photo. I then attempted to send an iMessage of the jpeg to someone to get feedback on the image. 


The problem: When the AD exported jpeg is opened in iMessage, the colors are suddenly completely wrong (even though they appear correct when simply viewing the image in the iPhone app), almost as if a grey filter is over the entire image.


Below is a side-by-side comparison of screenshots. On the left is a portion of an unedited photo sent via iMessage, and on the right is the same photo after exporting from AD and sent via iMessage.


What's going on here? Thanks!




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Hi Tyrandrewsaurus 


Spent a bit of time looking into this and I believe the issue is that OS X is actually ignoring (or recolouring?) the embedded colour profiles of the image.

I used a profile that converts RGB to BRG to easily see the differences, and I found that Preview, Photos, Mail and iMessenger all ignored the profile. If I opened just the file in Safari that would also ignore the profile, however if I uploaded it to Dropbox and viewed the image on the Dropbox site it displayed with correct colour profile. I then installed Chrome and opened the image in that and it displayed correctly. 

Bizarrely I did find that the iMessenger notifcation that appears in the top right actually displayed it with the correct profile, however when opening iMessenger it was wrong!

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