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Blank Grey Welcome screen after Google Nik Collection plug in install

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Solution found:

Just want to tell that after three uninstalls, where I also manually deleted all Affinity files (container) I managed to make a clean install.

So software's working fine again.


Unfortunately it doesn't find the Nik plugins, even when I manually point to the it in the preferences.

But I'll maka seperate post concerning that issue.







Hi everyone.


Today I tried to install the Google Nik Collection plugins according to this video youtube.com/watch?v=sfwp2lbCKzU (could not find any better guidelines)


This, because Affinity Photo didi not recognize the plugins at first installation.


After following the proedures as in video and after the software restart, I was presented with a blank grey screen with no information, tools on the sides etc what so ever.


I can open a photo, but I am not presented with any menu what so ever (I do see the welcome screen however)


I uninstall the Affinity software (with AppCleaner) in order to make a clean install.

I also uninstalled Nik software,


I then re-installed Affinity.


!! Unfortunatelly the problem persists and I cannot get the software to work properly.

   I can open photos, but there is no tool menu etc.


I tried different minor tweaks in the preferences, but no success


Look forward to some help how to solve issue.


Many thanks



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Hi chris,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Where do you have installed the Nik Collection?

You have to point the Plug-in Search Folders (in Affinity Photo Preferences ▸ Photoshop Plug-ins) to the folder where you have chosen to install the plug-in files.

Still in the same dialog select Authorise Global followed by Authorise in the dialog that will open nest.

Finally make sure you have Allow unknown plug-ins to be used checked too.


If you let me know where you have installed them i can give you more detailed instructions.


Note that Photoshop plug-ins support is still being developed. Not all plug-ins from Nik Collection are working yet. Only Analog Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex Pro 2 are working correctly. HDR Efex Pro 2 works partially: it only lets you select a single photo for processing rather than a set of bracketed photos. The others don't work.


Let me know if you still have trouble.

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