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I am new to Affinity, can you please tell me me how to copy part of a picture and paste in other part of the same picture. Basically when I remove the people at the bottom of the attached picture a dark colour stays over the white wall of the building so I thought I could copy another white wall and pasted over the darkened area.

Many thanks for your help in advance


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You can use one of the rectangular marquee tool.

Make your selection, then do a cmd J so you have the selection on it's own layer.

Use the move tool to move the selection tho where you want it. 

You may want to tweak it a little. Use the refine selection to feather it. Add a levels (or brightness and contrast) adjustment layer to adjust the contrast..

If you use an adjustment layer, you have to nest it to the selection layer, otherwise the whole picture will be adjusted.

- Affinity Photo 1.7.2
- Affinity Designer 1.7.2
-Affinity Publisher 1.7.2


MacBook Pro 8 GB
MacBook Pro Mojave 10.14.6

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you can select the part you want to use to get rid of the people, copy it (ctrl-c) and paste it (ctrl-v). it will be pasted as a new layer.

then select the new layer and the move tool to get it into place and resize as needed. you can apply a mask to it to adjust its borders, fade them, etc.

lower its opacity to place it precisely over the background.

take care,


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