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Text selection, Arrows

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Right now, if you select text with Cmd-A, then hit a left arrow, the cursor doesn't wind up at the beginning of the text. I think the default is cursor at the end of the text.


Could this be changed so that the cursor would be at either the beginning or the end, dep. on which arrow was pressed?


The universe doesn't hang in the balance, but it's a nice convention of text selection/moving about .


thank you

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  • Staff

OK, we'll change this.


It's a tricky area. I am fairly happy with how our shift-arrow extends the selection, even though it doesn't follow OS X conventions. In TextEdit, for example, if I drag from left to right, then shift-arrow left, the caret jumps to the left edge. I find that surprising, and when I checked some other drawing apps, eg Adobe Illustrator, I found they didn't do that, so I don't feel we need to do that. However, I agree the behaviour when pressing a cursor key without shift should be as you say.

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