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Inconsistent scale proportionately resize control modifiers

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Something that has often vexed me about AD is the lack of consistency with regards to the modifiers for drag resizing, in particular the behavior of proportional-scaling with and without the shift modifier key held down while resizing.


To further illustrate, in most places in AD the behavior is consistent with that of Illustrator and most other editing software: a normal drag-to-resize operation from the sides or corners will result in a "free scale" resize that does not lock the x:y ratio while resizing while holding down the shift key while resizing forces the x:y ratio lock to be activated and scales both proportionately.


However, when dragging an artistic text object to resize, the default behavior is aspect ratio locked, and holding down shift switches it to unlocked - rather disconcerting when you drag in a fairly-even diagonal while holding shift only to later realize that the object is skewed because your use of shift unlocked the ratios.


Any chance of getting this fixed?


Thanks in advance!

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Oh my gosh, I can't believe this feature has been right under my nose this whole time! I agree the default setting is most logical, but unfortunately for me (and I presume with most other serious users of any application) muscle memory will win out over logic every time.


Thanks, @MEB. Truly appreciated!

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Bumping this a bit. I appreciate this can be toggled in preferences, however: I think you guys should select a default mode (proportional or non-proportional) and stick to it.


Othertwise, scaling properly requires previous knowledge of whether the object I'm scaling is a vector, a raster, a group etc. This is usually not obvious and requires trial-and-error, which disrupts my flow. So maybe you could please change this?




Edit for clarification: I think good defaults are extremely important, otherwise the interface becomes a customization tarpit like Blender's :) 

Disclaimer: I like AD and respect its creators. I only criticize it because I want to make it better.

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+1 for having rationalisation of the defaults for scaling. I appreciate that it's possible to configure this, but it just should probably be defaulted to one or the other (I would tend towards having to hit shift to proportionally scale a group, just as you would for ungrouped objects). 


However, as a configuration workaround is available, I'm not going to be terribly surprised or upset if this isn't prioritised. 

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4 minutes ago, Bee and Nectar Design said:


+1 for having rationalisation of the defaults for scaling.



I think it’s already quite rational, as long as you understand what’s going on! xD


There is one scenario where I think there’s room for improvement. If you group several objects, the group is always treated as if it doesn’t have an intrinsic aspect ratio, even when all of the component objects do.

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