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Print output margins different then Publisher document

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Background:  I have Affinity Publisher V1 on my MacBook Pro.  I have a Brother J4535DW inkjet printer.  I created a document that is 5.5"x8.5" and I am printing it on letter size paper, landscape, 2 pages per sheet.  [Actually, in more detail I am printing a flier with a front page and back page.  So my document has 4 pages with Page 1, 2 being the front; Page 3 and 4 being the back.  I print double-sided, short edge. And top-bottom-left-right.]
Margins are set to 0.2 inches. I scaled the print 110%.
I printed directly from Publisher.

Result:  In Publisher the top item on the page is 0.5 inches from the top of the page.  The print output is 1.8" from the top of the page.  The page # at the bottom of the page is about 0.2" from the bottom within Publisher but prints ~1.7" from the bottom.  There are similar issues on the left and right side.

Question:  Why can't I get the print output to be the same as what Publisher shows?  When I play around with the printer scaling increasing it until it alerts me that it is outside the margins it still doesn't print to adequate margins. 

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  • Staff

Hi @minimejdh1,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble!

There are many reasons for a scaling mismatch when printing, but most occur due to the printer settings set within the printer driver and not through the Affinity app.

Can you please try exporting from Affinity to PDF, then print this PDF externally, not using the Affinity print dialog and let me know if the same issue occurs?

Many thanks in advance :)

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Still wider top and bottom margins on the PDF printout with Scale to fit-print entire image.  That is a scale of 63%.
U.S. Letter.

If select U.S. letter borderless it scales to 65%.  

I tried scaling to 70% and it took super long to print; and it would not print 2-sided short-edge.  It printed on separate pages.  Top and bottom margins better but then L and R margins to close to edge.  

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  • Staff

Thanks for confirming that for me - if this is still occurring when printing the exported PDF externally from Affinity then it would indicate an issue with either your printer driver/settings and not the Affinity app itself.

I'd recommend contacting the printer driver manufacturer for further support here :)

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I'd suggest trying it actual size without scaling.

Or am I missing something? And does Brother have an update for the macOS version you're using?

As an aside - not that I suggest running out and buying things as the first solution - there's a $20 program called Create Booklet that makes this very easy. But you could run into the same problem with the Mac driver.

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I am still trying to figure this out!  Hours with Brother printer.  I do think it is a printer driver issue.  Apple forces you to use AirPrint and you cannot use their full driver download.  So I went to my wife's PC and still have some issues.  On the PC printer dialog box under Page Setup they appear to have mandatory (grayed out) 1" margins.  Trying to see if I can override.  Frustrating.

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