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I am using Affinity publisher v1 to export pdf files to svg to be able to merge them later into one xhtml file for esef reporting. Problem is when you export more pages pdf document as svg it is splitted to separate pages. And in case if there was used image id  and xlink:href  or clipPath id and clip-path="url(... it use in every page the same id. So id is not unique and after merging it use for example _image1 in every page of merged document. I have to use grepwin or similar regex search and replace tool to change _image to ${filename}  and _clip to ${filename}clip. It would be great if such behaviour could be fixed and _image and _clip will be replaced by filename or some unique string in each generated exporteded page. 

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Welcome to the forums @FredXY

Since the release of the Affinity V2 applications I think it’s highly unlikely that Serif will be adding any new features to the V1 software, or making any other changes to the V1 applications that aren’t strictly necessary to keep those applications running due to things like operating system changes.

Basically, you can ask, but you will most probably be waiting a very long time.

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  • Staff

Hi @FredXY,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums :)

I certainly understand how this issue could negatively affect your workflow, but as the PDF exporter is technically working as we'd expect, this isn't considered a bug in the Affinity apps.

Therefore I will be moving this thread to the feedback section of the Forums for our devs to see and consider - as Garry mentions above it's very unlikely that any such change would be made to V1, however it's certainly possible this may be implemented for V2 or beyond.

I hope this helps!

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