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I've been using AD v2 1736 tonight with symbols across artboards and have had multiple crashes.  

A. I was clipping jpg images to curve shapes (petals on a flower) when the first crashes happened.  Re-started my laptop.  Installed v2 Beta again and updated to 1736 again.   I have one artboard as a symbol - it's the master artboard.  I then have 4 artboards as symbols which show the repeat pattern happening.  This is the file that the crashes were happening on.

After re-starting my laptop and AD v2B I made my flowers on one single artboard with no symbols attached  and there was no issue.  I added the items onto my Assets panel to use in the repeat pattern.

B. I brought up a new copy of the artboard (repeat pattern template) and started to put the pattern together using the items from my Assets panel.  It has crashed twice with only 3 items on the symbols artboard.  

C. On trying to open the last file that crashed I have a message saying file type not supported.

v2 Artboard Set Up Blank LKB.aftemplate Flower pattern v2.afdesign

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On 3/28/2023 at 10:02 AM, Chris B said:

Hey safoster71,

I think I'm going to need a file or some steps in order to reproduce this. I've been using symbols this morning for another issue and I did not get any crashes.


On 3/30/2023 at 10:10 AM, Chris B said:

I've reproduced the crash but also noticed I can get a bad redraw issue too. I'll get these logged with the developers.

I've just made a pattern using multiple artboards and symbols and whatever had happened before seems to have been resolved now.  Thank you.

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