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[Fixed] Tabbing between RGB doesn't function properly

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When one tabs between inputs in a form, whether in an app or on the web, the expectation is that the contents of the focused input will be selected. So, if I set the value of the R input to 80 and then tab from the R input to the G input where the value is currently 05, and then type 80, the value of the G input should now be 80. Instead, it's 008. This is because the program thinks I'm trying to prepend 80 to the existing value of 05. The first key stroke (8) is cancelled by Affinity Designer because prepending 8 to 05 would result in 805, which is invalid. Then, it allows me to enter the 0, because 008 is really just 8, which Affinity Designer normalizes to 08. Affinity Designer should instead select the contents of the G input when I tab to it, so that I can just begin typing, as expected.
I suspect the same logic would work fine everywhere, since Affinity Designer normalizes values everywhere (e.g., adding " px", etc.).
Note: I'm only speaking with regards to tabbing. When clicking into a field, the UI functions as expected.

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Hi orokusaki


I'm only getting this is the RGB Hex sliders. I'm guessing that the 0 is being added as it will still need to be defined in the hex values if only a single digit is being used. I am noticing though that after tabbing the input does seem to be slightly reversed, eg I type 89 and it gives me 98. 'll get this logged and passed on to the developers

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