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File save folder location

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This may seem trivial, but it drivest me nuts. When I go to save or export in Affinity Photo, the default save folder seems to be the one I last saved a file to, not the folder that the file I am working on was loaded from. This often results in having to dig through my folder hierarchy for the right one, or worse, accidentally saving to the wrong folder and needing to search for it later. If I save a file and then do an export, once again I need to go searching for the correct folder. Is there a preference that can change this?  It seems to me that most software doesn’t work this way - files get saved to the folder from which they were opened.

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Hi @jkrm,

Thanks for your post, unfortunately there's no option to change this behaviour in Affinity currently, my apologies.

This has been requested previously as an improvement for a future version, I'll be sure to add your 'vote' to this feature now.

I hope this clears things up!

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Just for background @jkrm, people have been requesting this simple and necessary feature for about 9 years. Affinity has never indicated any intention of ever fixing this deficiency that so complicates Affinity workflow. It's one of the many usability issues that makes Affinity so painful to use. You either learn to put up with it or use another product.

For a couple of requests from an earlier decade, see



As @MEBsaid in 2015:
There is NOT a vote system in place.  Adding +1 to those topics will NOT affect their priority nor imply their implementation. That’s mostly dependent on time and development goals and constraints. 


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16 hours ago, Granddaddy said:

As @MEBsaid in 2015:
There is NOT a vote system in place.  Adding +1 to those topics will NOT affect their priority nor imply their implementation

This is true of the Affinity Forums, but not entirely true for our internal development logs.
Part of this is still correct, in that an increased number of user votes does not necessarily mean the feature is more likely to be implemented, but we are now tallying user votes internally for certain features.

Equally, the internal development requests did not exist back in 2015, as a lot has changed with our processes in 8 years.

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Please count me in. I happened to find a similar post from six years ago while browsing the forum yesterday and was puzzled why this hasn't been addressed through the years. It would be a tremendous help to get this feature added. Thanks. 

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You can count me too !

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Add me as well please.   I have posted about this issue in the past.

Every time an update comes out I check to see if this has been fixed.

Just to demonstrate how ridiculous the situation is; Yesterday I added a plug-in to the Filters and the next time I went to export a file Affinity Photo directed it the the data  folder on the hard drive where I store macros, plug-ins etc. as below.


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4 hours ago, ChristineH said:

I also vote for this to be corrected.

As @GarryP mentioned here, the Questions forum in not a good place for 'voting' for such things. Please try the forum indicated there.

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1 hour ago, R C-R said:

the Questions forum in not a good place for 'voting' for such things.

Serif has already stated, that it will take into account the requirements listed here when developing its applications, but in no case will it follow voting. So no forum is intended for "voting", and that is because it does not guarantee any objectivity and representativeness for all users.

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