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Hue/Saturation Eyedropper Tool for Skin

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I use the eyedropper tool and sliders all the time to isolate and take red out of skin. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo? This would seriously be a deal breaker for me.I use the saturation and lightness sliders as well. I change the channel to red, use the eye dropper tool and click on the red I want to remove in the skin, I move the Hue slider to the left so I can see what area of the skin I am effecting, take the sliders below and push the right and middle sliders together until it isolates just the red in the skin, but doesn't effect the other area. I can then slide the hue towards yellow. Brush of the lips and I have the most perfect base of skin.

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Hi cmcurly,


Welcome to the forum.


You can use the brush selection tool to select the are of the skin that you wish to alter and then alley a HSL Adjustment layer and make your adjustment to the red channel and this will only be applied to the selected area.

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