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My Account window: icons look weird when selected

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I don't quite know whether to describe this as a bug. It is to me, but perhaps this effect is intended. But the icons on the left of the "My Account" window look very strange when they are each selected. All of them do this, in Photo and Designer. Anyway, see the cropped screen capture. I am not sure what else you may wish to know, so I will have to leave it here.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 16.42.04.jpg

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  • Staff

It's more a graphical glitch and not something I can reproduce to submit as a bug in any of ours apps running in macOS Ventura.

Can you confirm the version of macOS you're running?

Have you tried resetting one of the app to see if that resolves the glitch? To reset, hold down CTRL and open the app, when the window appears, release the key and click Clear.

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Sorry. I had no idea that anyone had responded to me. I kept a close eye on it during the day of posting, but then had to get on with other things.

In order to answer your question, I have saved a screen image from each of the affected PCs. That seemed slightly easier than trying to type it all!

Can I ask you whether resetting anything will lose my changes to the window layout, main bar, tool icons, and other preferences? I had to make a lot of changes (four times, of course) to make both applications visually comfortable and usable.

I have found how to save these changes as a profile, but not how to do anything with whatever was saved, such as importing or sharing it between PCs. Nor do I know whether the profile contains all customisations. Would you be able to summarise this or point me to an explanation? Thanks.


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@Lee D

As I have not been able to find the answers to my earlier questions, I completely uninstalled the applications from one of my computers, deleted all related folders (using Easyfind) from the libraries and caches, restarted, and reinstalled them. On first opening, with no alterations, the icons are still broken; so if this is not a bug, then I really do not know what is.

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