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When I'm designing I deal with text, graphics and photos. I am constantly switching from move tool to text tool.

What is the fastest way to interchangeably switch from Text tool to Move tool.

I know Escape is the one key and clicking outside the text box while holding Command so then to select V for the Move tool.

The same case in illustrator, but I wonder if there is a plan to find a faster or more accessible to one key that does both.

I have been on AD and AP since December. Trying not to use my old version of CS, so far so good,

I have completed two designs with AD..

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maybe i don't understand what your problem really is. when you select the text tools and type, the text field has the move controls around. if you click on another object, say, a layer, it automatically inherits the move controls, as if you selected the move tool. if you select the text layer again, you have the move handles again.

take care,


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