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[By Design] Text on circle skips first letter.

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Hello, forum.


I just recently bought Affinity Designer and I am hoping to make the full transition from Illustrator soon. :)


I am trying to make a logo for a friend and I am using the Text tool onto a circle. The little triangle handles allow me to manipulate the text to write either on the outer or the inner part of the circle, except for just one letter.


As you can see in picture 1, as I get the handles nearer together, the text goes into the inner part, which is what I want, but then the 'G' stays in the outer rim, and no matter how close I get one handle to the other, it just stays there (picture 2), and if I pass the first handle, it pops right back to the outer rim (picture 3).


I can work around this easily by converting the text into paths, but it is pretty annoying, especially when working on rough drafts and the sort.


I hope this gets fixed soon. Cheers.




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Hi Ras_93,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

You have to press Enter after writing Ganadería to force the rest of the text to go to the inner part, then adjust the handles (the small triangles) as you see fit.

Another simple way to do it is to select the shape you want to use as a path (in this case the circle), then go to menu Layer ▸ Convert to Text Path. The handles will be placed in the middle of the circle automatically. Write Ganadería and press Enter then write the rest. Select all text and press Centre Align button on the context toolbar to align the text automatically to the middle of the handles.

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