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[Fixed] Image missing in PDF export

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Hi Guys


Just can't figure out what is happening here. Have a print ready ad that needs to be exported. For some reason the image does not appear in the PDF. If I export the artboard to jpeg, then it exports fine, but when I go back to PDF (any preset) it just disappears. I have tried placing in various image formats, including CMYK tiff file. 


Can somebody help me with this? In the end I had to re-create the artwork in indesign to meet the deadline :-( 




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I have had a problem with images missing when exporting to PDF too and found the reason in my case and a way to solve it. Only mentioning it in case someone else finds it useful until the fix is out.

When I returned to my af file the missing image was in the wrong art-board. Once I moved the images to the correct art-boards (happened several times), saved my af file again and exported to PDF, the missing images were now shown and I could print.

I hope this is useful.

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