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Hi all,

Yesterday marked the end of our ‘40% off V2’ launch offer. With that offer ending I wanted to let you know about a couple of things:

Ongoing upgrade price for the Universal Licence

As I mentioned in my previous announcement (here), offering a specific upgrade price for V1 customers had many complications and is why we decided to run a launch offer in the way we did. However, we listened to the feedback we had around that, and have used this time to implement a method to offer an upgrade price long-term — allowing customers who have not upgraded yet an opportunity to still do so at a better price than a new customer.

All the issues I previously referenced around App Store conflict still exist, so the upgrade offer:

  • Is only available for purchases of the Universal Licence (offering upgrade pricing on individual apps just is not possible without conflicting with App Store guidelines as each individual app has their own App Store listing)
  • Is only available for purchases made directly from our website (we cannot offer this upgrade discount for people purchasing via an App Store)

The ongoing upgrade offer is 25% off the Universal Licence, and also includes a free content bundle (the Creative Collection) worth over £200. To claim this discount, we will validate you own V1 based on whether you previously purchased V1 from us directly, or have registered a V1 App Store purchase to your account. This offer is available from our new upgrade page.

Creative Collection content bundle now available to anyone who has already upgraded from V1 to V2 during the launch offer period

 If you already upgraded to V2 during the launch offer period, we also wanted to make sure you could retrospectively claim this new free content bundle.

We have worked hard to make this a valuable gift, and have tried to cover various different use cases of our apps. The bundle includes some high-quality fonts, brushes, LUTs, icon assets and resources and, as mentioned above, is worth over £200. So, if you have already purchased V2 and you previously owned V1, you can claim this content for free as a special thank you for your support (in addition to the 40% discount you would have already received on your V2 purchase during the launch offer).

To claim the Creative Collection, please visit our upgrade page and scroll down towards the bottom where there is a ‘CLAIM NOW’ link under ‘Already upgraded from V1 to V2? You can get the Creative Collection for free below’.

After following the link, you’ll be taken through the validation step of checking your account as being someone who owned V1 and has purchased V2. The way we confirm this is by seeing a V1 purchase tied to your account, whether you purchased it directly from us or you registered an App Store purchase to your Affinity account.

Claim your free content now

We understand there will be some of you who did purchase V1 from an App Store but may not have ever registered it to your account (and as you probably don’t have V1 installed anymore, no longer have the ability to register it). In that case we will need to try to validate that manually with you. So, please first try getting the Creative Collection using the link above and if that fails, drop us an email with your Affinity ID to affinity@serif.com (subject: “Free Content”) and we will do our best to help. If it’s possible for you to dig out your original App Store receipt for your V1 purchase, it will speed up the process if you include that in your email to us.

Other than that, thanks again for all your continued support. We hope you enjoy your gift!



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