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[AP] Editing a gradient mask layer

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Dear all,


Another question:

Why didn't we just add a mask to the photo layer, and then add a gradient tool to the mask? Select color endpoints white and black to control opacity (or both to white and then use the opacity slider to control opacity).




Wouldn't that work too?

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Hey all. Thanks for the comments!! Think I will do a vid for the tutorial section. I'd like to add a portion that explains the problem though.


@Darin: Both of those options do save a step but they don't address the main crux of the question/problem which was to maintain gradient editability. In each of those cases, once you release out of the gradient tool you are one and done. If you want to make a change you basically have to start over. You could try fill using saved gradients .... but I don't think that fully does the trick....yet. Position and rotation don't seem to save at the moment. But then we're getting into more steps anyway.


...it removes the need to ensure that the shape is the right size, it removes the whole color thing (that JimmyJack rightly points out don't matter, but I find them distracting),



If you're in a hurry the shape doesn't have to be perfect. You can haphazardly draw out something spilling off all edges unevenly.

If you actually need a specifically shaped container well then ya gotta be careful anyway :). Although... you can move that around and edit it too.

Color: Yeah, I can see that getting in the way for some. Switch to null fill before drawing shape? Then drop into mask  :ph34r: and go for it as usual .


Nice picture btw  :D . Happy Valentine's Day ;) .

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Ah, That's right. Preserve the ability to edit gradient after deselecting.


Got it. Ignore my solution, which clearly isn't a solution.


[Note: I deleted my videos since they are not solutions.]

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