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Hi pjglad,


Are you saying there is nothing at all under the Open Recent menu? Does it just say 'Clear Menu'? 


If you close the app, hold down Ctrl and re-open it and then click Show Recents, do you see anything in there?

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Hi, have same issue, with some small differences.

"File -> Open Recent" show me the last files, from former release. Files created with actual release are not shown.

I have cleared the last files and "File -> Open Recent" is cleared. After quitting and reopen AD the files cleared in the former session are shown again and the file created with actual release is not shown.

As explained by MEB above is not a solution, because I want to see the recent files, but the actual recent files, not the ones I have created last year.

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Can you please comment as to why I need to close the app and re-open it to have "Show Recents" work properly?  This seems like an Affinity Photo bug.  Will it ever be fixed?  The “Show Recents” menu works for a while and then shows only “Clear Menu,” no actual files, even though I’ve been using the app on a lot of files.   I don’t like having to restart to get functionality to work properly.  Thanks

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