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Object resizing - newbie question

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Newbie here so please be gentle !

I have a (circular) object that I've imported as an SVG. I've resized it and made some minor alterations.

The object is 320mm radius. I export that and all is well.

I've resized the document to get rid of the unnecessary white space, so the document has gone from being 400mm square to 330mm square. Again.. all is good

I've now decided to fill a couple of the interior objects with color. When I click on one of the interior objects it resizes the whole document to 120mm sq.

I'm sure that this is a very rookie error, but can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance


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if the document is still open, or you have saved it with history: inspect the history panel and go through every step again. If possible, make a screen recording of the complete application window. Please make navigator panel, transform panel, info panel all visible (undock them if required) and include them in the recording.

Affinity normally does not resize on its own. There are some known issues while importing/exporting/copy paste, but what you describe does not match the required circumstances to trigger that issues.


Mac mini M1 A2348

LG34WK950U-W, calibrated to DCI-P3 with LG Calibration Studio / Spider 5

iPad Air Gen 5 (2022) A2589

Special interest into procedural texture filter, edit alpha channel, RGB/16 and RGB/32 color formats, stacking, finding root causes for misbehaving files, finding creative solutions for unsolvable tasks, finding bugs in Apps.


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NotMyFault - thank you, but I *seem* to have overcome the issue. I'm grateful however for your input

Eddy-2 - that's fantastic -  thank you  

I've upgraded to V2 Designer today and loaded the design file that you've kindly sent.. and the problem seems to have stopped.

So.. again thank you for your time !


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