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Boolean operations on single shapes with intersecting segments

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I'm just getting started with Designer and am excited about its potential. Excellent work by the Affinity team!


I create logos and lettering primarily, and with my method of building shapes with the pen tool, I intersect my line segments in order to be able to edit anchor points and handles of one segment without altering the adjacent segment (see attachment). With Illustrator's Unite function in the Pathfinder palette, I am able to divide a single shape where the paths intersect and delete the unwanted areas outside my desired final shape, while the unwanted overlaps inside the shape are automatically removed by the same function. I've tried a workaround in Designer by placing another small shape inside my desired shape, which is then absorbed completely by the 'Add' operation, but the intersections of my original shape are unaffected. I'm sure this sounds confusing, but I'm not sure how to explain it in a better way. Hopefully the attachments will make it easier to follow. The attachments are from Illustrator's workspace to explain the desired functionality.


Is there another way I can do this with Designer?







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Hi Jeff,


I can definitely add this functionality - I think the Unite function is serving this specific purpose because I can't imagine how else you'd achieve it with the boolean ops we currently have.


Leave it with me! :)


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I've set aside Affinity Designer for quite a while (roughly four-and-a-half years, according to this thread) due to frustrations with the way it handles paths and nodes (one such frustration shown above). I recently came back to give it another try to see if the functionality had been improved, but the behaviors of the pen tool and boolean operations haven't changed. I feel like if a few of these functionalities were addressed and improved, Affinity Designer would be an app I could use in my day-to-day workflow, and I could happily recommend it to my peers in the design community, any of whom would happily switch from Adobe if there were a viable alternative. Sadly, I'm losing faith that this will ever happen. I admire the hard work the Affinity team has put into developing the app (which I'm sure has been no easy task), but, as it stands, I can't recommend the software to anyone but hobbyists.

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On 18. Juni 2019 at 12:25 AM, jeffreydevey said:

recommend the software

What is not our job.


On 9. Oktober 2014 at 11:30 AM, MattP said:

I can definitely add this functionality

What is also not our job.

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