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CMYK color shift

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I find there's strange color shifting when pasting from RGB to CMYK in Designer. I know they are 2 different colour spaces but typically in Photoshop the colours don't shift a lot unless they are vibrant colours. In Designer however, the colour can lighten drastically.


I've attached a JPG illustrating this with grey tones. Even when an image is copy and pasted within the same document the colour shifts as you'll see in #3 to #4.


At one point (on a different project) I had 3 different colour shifts but I can't seem to figure out how to replicate that again. The sample attached just show 2 variations.


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Hi Keven


I've just performed a comparison between shop and Photo and I do seem some differences. I've passed this on to the developers to help shed a bit more light on it


Cheers for letting us know

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