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Where is Affinity Photo 1.5 Beta?

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"We have two active code branches at present, one is the bug fix branch from the App Store version (this is where the current 1.4 Betas are built from), the other is our development branch that contains all the new features. At present we have to make sure that our launched Beta versions fix the issues that customers may be encountering, without introducing any other side-effects."


"The development branch contains a large number of new features already"


Is there a 1.4.2 beta of AP as well? (there is not one in the forum)

Could we start to test/ see some things in the development branch?


I´m personally not getting many issues with the MAS version except from the unresponsive export dialog and some missing details like USM Threshold preview and the Filter menu accessibility.


Thanks for your consideration 



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Pretty please, will there be a new beta anytime soon?


I tried to be patient missing my settings from beta, keeping files associations with beta and being unable to use "Edit in Photo..." feature in AD. Now it's getting a little bit frustrating ;)


Also, I'd be very grateful for the beta versions not to expire after AppStore version gets available. And I believe I wouldn't be the only one ;)



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