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The same PDF import bug as in v.1

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What formatting is applied to those mangled text strings in InDesign? Is the formatting any different from the rest of the text?

If I open the original PDF in Preview and copy HAL ELROD'S to the clipboard and then paste it into the Find dialog, or it another Apple app like Pages, it will be mangled.

If I convert the H in HAL to Unicode in Publisher, I'll see that it's actually U+10FC00 which is a PUA character, so it's not surprising that Apple and Serif can't deal with it.

Affinity 2.1 for macOS Ventura 13.4, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)

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It appears the ToUnicode table is corrupt for Montserrat Medium and its corresponding italic. But, it also appears all characters are in the proper Unicode slots.


It's possible those Montserrat fonts themselves are corrupt or otherwise mangled. Might be worthwhile to find the newest versions of that family, remove the current ones, then install the updated ones (assuming there are updated ones). If the ones in use are the newest available, downloading them again, remove the former, reinstall and retest.

That said, Xara's applications opens the original pdf just fine.



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