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HDR tone mapping macro


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Starting from this video, I made two macro.


In order to import them, open Affinity Photo, open Macro tab (enable it if nedeed), then click Import Macro icon (marked with 1 in below pic), after that, click on Add to Library icon (marked with 2), choose where you want to save it, change the name (if you want).

Then test it, by applying it to a picture, open the procedural text, adjust the variables, opacity and blend mode.


HDR-1.afmacro HDR-2.afmacro

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You can use them with any photo. Some interesting effect can be achieved by modifying opacity, blend mode and blend range, playing with variables. You can add any adjustments to it. It is up to you.

I attached some pics, taken in Groot-Ammers, Zuid Holland, NL with an old bridge Nikkon L840. The pics with hdr in description are the ones with macro HDR-1 applied to them, with some tuninig of the opacity and variables. The first and the third pics are the originals ones.

Pictures were taken in Sep 2022.





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Het is maar wat je leuk vindt. De vraag was eigenlijk heb je de 2 macro's per foto nodig, of kun je volstaan met één macro. Je zou zeggen test het en je weet het. Heel erg bedankt voor de macro's, ik zal het testen.

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It's just what you like.  The question was actually do you need the 2 macros per photo, or can you get by with one macro.  You would say test it and you will know.  Thank you very much for the macros, I will test it.

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Just one macro is enough. Macro HDR-1 is exactly as in the video. The macro HDR-2 is a little different, I added an extra variable. In order to see the difference, open the Procedural adjustment and you can see the difference between them.

In HDR-2 after you open the Procedural adjustment, feel free to make any changes in the formula.

Dank u well or Bedankt.

I hope it is correct. Also I can say Good Morning, it took me a while to learn it...

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