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Please enhance document settings after at document is created on iPadOS

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Dear Serif Software 🙂

I have a very hard time living with the difference between document setup editing on an iPad and desktop.

It happens very often that I change the document settings sometimes along the way long after a document is created. Very often it's just the orientation I change, other times I go from A3 to A1 format out of necessity or because I or someone else set up the document incorrectly from the start. And that mistake is quickly fixed in the desktop version:

Document setup: change document size, select scale or anchor to page etc. Or more.

You can't do that at all in the iPad version? I only find resize, which scales and smashes the content on top of that, by scaling it unproportionally?

This is completely disastrous when you only have your iPad with you for days or weeks at a time, and don't have access to a desktop computer. And that's core functionality, not one of those minor things that can be left out of the iPad version. So I hope you can improve this significantly, thank you.

I work on an iPad Pro.

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"That which is badly executed, is badly conceived."

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3 hours ago, fde101 said:

Within the resize option, change Document to Canvas.

Ouch not intuitive. In v2 that gave me an even worse user experience I am afraid. It is still an extremely limited edition of the settings from the desktop version, and @serif the scale when resizing jumps from 600mm to 30000mm moving the slider just a bit with the finger, and then the interface behaved weirdly when I tried to pan the document.

I don't see any advantage of no detailed document setup when it is in fact present in the ipad edition when I create a page.

I can see the document setup is in fact present in Publisher v2 for iPad in the very same menu, so I suggest Serif adds it to Designer as well. With no "Edit in Publisher" direct access to open the document from Designer for iPad the workflow to edit the page setup is extremely clumsy ... and honestly, buying Publisher to edit document setup later makes no sense.


"That which is badly executed, is badly conceived."

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