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Hi papalar,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Currently pixel selections don't snap to the grid.

Here's a workaround that may help: instead of using the marquee, use the Rectangle Tool to draw a shape (which will align with the grid). Then press and hold ⌘ (cmd) and click over the rectangle's thumbnail in the layers panel. This will create a pixel selection from the rectangle. You can then delete the rectangle.

I'm moving this thread to the Feature Requests section.

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Thanks - Nice to know it's not me!


Also throw on your feature requests section the ability to drag a marquee selection into a new file. I use pre-designed templates for color renderings of pattern designs and it is very convenient to select in the template and drag over to an art file. Then when I copy and paste I have filled the exact dimensions in my template with the pattern artwork. With Affinity I am copying in a larger section of the pattern then cutting/deleting the excess.


PS. I am using Affinity Photo for digital mural work and especially like the add detail and clarity filters. The resampling rescale does a great job as well. I often need to go from a 24" x 15" 300dpi photo to a 200" x 108" mural at 72 dpi and these features create a sharper mural. Thanks

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So, over a year later and this still isn't implemented?

I'm fine to use the workaround, which is exactly what I was about to do, before thinking that I may as well check the forums first to see if I'm missing something. Seems I'm not - seems AF is STILL missing something?!

Yeah, workaround is fine, but a bit too much hassle for something that surely should be there by now?

Unless anyone can correct me?



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