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Changing Brush Size with "[" and "]" does not work with German keyboard layout (+Workaround)


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adjusting the Brush Size with the Shortcuts "[" and "]" does not work with German Keyboard Layout (qwertz).
The configurated buttons on my Wacom Tablet did also not work.

Workaround: Replace the Keyboard Shortcuts "[" with AltGr+8 and "]" with AltGr+9 (Screenshot)

To do this navigate to:
Bearbeiten (Edit) -> Einstellungen (Preferences) ->Tastenkürzel (Keyboard Shortcuts) -> Malpinsel (Paint Brush Tool)
-> Pinselgröße erhöhen (Increase Brush Size): AltGr+8 eintragen (replace)
-> Pinselgröße verringern (Decrease Brush Size): AtltGr+9 eintragen (replace)

My System: HP 440G5, Windows 11 (22H2 Build 22621.963), Affintity Photo 2.0.3

Viele Grüße


P.S.: Please excuse me my bad english






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Yep, besides the keyboard's language problem, Wacom panel does not like those keys... I always substitute them by other keys in both the graphic app (Affinity and others) and the Wacom panel. But also, since some years I set them in the Wacom's touch ring/disk (intuos pro, but also in very cheap XP-Pen Tablets like Deco 03 and Deco Pro Medium. I just have only done this with my Wacoms, my two Huions don't have any disk) . It requires setting the speed/sensitivity of the ring/disk in your Wacom panel, to your liking, so that it is useful, but for me is a life quality kind of change. I had been decades painting just using two keyboard keys for brush size change (the ctrl + alt + LMB or RMB drag or similar in most apps never was fast/comfortable for me). With my left  hand over the ring and close to the keyboard, it makes my painting a lot more fluid, keeps me in "the zone".

AD, AP and APub V2.5.x. Windows 10 and Windows 11. 


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Thank you for your reply SrPx.

I have "only" a small Wacom Intuos S. It has 4 Buttons and no ring. I had the keys already substituted like you described in your post.
Since I've done that together with the Keyboard Shortcuts adjusting the brushes works fine with both.

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Hello, while searching for this issue ([] don't work in Windows), I found another "workaround": F2 decreasis the brush size, F4 increases brush size. I didn't see these shortcuts mentioned anywhere in Affinity, so I don't know where they come from, but they are more easy for a right-handed user.

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