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Transform Tool, Line Tool

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Please let me easily transform any vector object. With a transform tool I could set the perspective right, and distort groups and other objects. 

For instance: I have a group of rectangles, and I want to transform and distort this group as if it was a line. 

I have a rectangle and I want to put it in perspective, or make a 3D effect. It would be great either have a transform tool similar to photoshop and the ability to select for instance the outer corners of a rectangle and option drag them towards the middle in the same amount. 


I definitely need a line tool. I want to edit every single bit of a line. I the ability to make a dashed or a dotted line. Of course I could use cmd-j, but I want it as a line so I can distort it. Also I want dashed lines for rectangles, etc. It would be great to turn a group of objects into a line, like when you have a couple of objects and you want to put them on a path and behave like they were a line. 



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Hola Meb. distortion tool … 


Talking about designer. isn't this kind of basic tools that should be implemented in the start? I'm new to vector design, but I have used distortion tool in photoshop for quite some time. Any suggestions to how to make an distorted rectangle with the right proportions then? 


Think of a wall, seen from the side. :) I made it work 1/10 times using the pen tool on a rectangle made by the rectangle tool. I'm a newbie here, so perhaps I am missing something? 

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Hi tiboine,

Yes, it's one of the fundamental tools, like many others. But it wasn't possible to have them all ready for the first version. Photoshop has years of development under it's belt. It didn't have all those tools when it was launched for the first time. Mesh Warp and Perspective distortion tools are on our roadmap and will be available as free updates when they are ready.

Currently there's no easy workarounds for this other than built the rectangle manually with the help of some construction lines and vanishing points.

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