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Opening b+w bitmap images in AP

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I have 100s of comic pages I've drawn, saved as PSD files in bitmap format (ie. pure black and white), but when I try and open them in Affinity Photo I get a message saying 'Failed to open PSD file ... The file could not be parsed'.


File > Place (into an RGB doc, for instance) doesn't seem to work for this either.


I note AP doesn't have a BMP format, just RGB, greyscale and CMYK, but is there a way to open such files?


Thank you.

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Hi Tybaltstone,

Unfortunately there is no support in Affinity for Bitmap/1bit Colour Modes. Currently the only way to get these would be to do a batch convert using Photoshop. There are no options for changing the colour mode in the batch dialog in PS so you will first have to create an action to convert to 8bit Greyscale (Use 1 in the Size Ratio box to avoid the image being rescaled). Once you have that action you can set that to be run during from the File > Automate > Batch or even File > Scripts > Image Processor.

With that said I will put an improvement in for Affinity to attempt to read and automatically convert to greyscale on opening. :)

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Is there any information on if and when 1bit-image support is coming to AP? In some cases 1bit is necessary and a conversion to greyscale is disadvantagous (e.g. logos that need to be recoloured in InDesign or Quark later or the initially mentioned comics, line drawings and so on).

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