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Why I like reading software manuals in .PDF form:

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The search feature in online help is limited so a lot of people prefer to use Google. But when you search for something like "affinity publisher 2 index", the first hit will be the version 1 page. The online help needs a bit of optimization so that the v2 help appears first.

To search just the v2 pages, prefix your Google query with:

  • site:affinity.help/publisher2/
  • site:affinity.help/designer2/
  • site:affinity.help/photo2/
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17 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

Unfortunately, showing a screenshot like that tells us

Tell us about this us?


To the two of you, give the guy a break. He's right, the writing is atrocious. The publishing pathetic, the layout greatly lacking. All things a company making presentation software should have absolutely nailed.

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Those of us with long memories of using Serif's "Plus" range of software will recall the manuals that came with that range. I still have the impressive bundle of manuals that came with my PagePlus 3.0 suite - 0ver 700 pages of information both in using the software together with DTP guidelines.

I van appreciate why Serif don't produce printed manuals these days, but I am sure a PDF Manual/handbook would be useful and give more room for ecamples.



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On 11/7/2023 at 1:36 AM, walt.farrell said:

Unfortunately, showing a screenshot like that tells us very little. You need to tell us the URL that was returned.

It would also help to expand the Introduction tab.

My guess: you got a V1 Help page.

If you want to search the web for Publisher 2 Help, include the search term site:affinity.help/publisher2 or you can't be sure what you'll get. Or, go to https://affinity.help and then click on the link for Publisher 2 (desktop or iPad, as appropriate) and use the Search box there. But sometimes using a web search will give more results.

You are lucky you got that screenshot.

Who except nerds like me constantly documents their searches on the off chance that someone will ask for "more in formation" 😊

Yes it is possible in that instance I got V1 Help despite my search, I took a snap so I'd have the topics list for when I created my own manual to try and sort out how Publisher works. Something which as I've said, would be better if Serif did it. I'd put my hand up for the job, but can't fix everyone's shortcomings, I've got work of my own to do.

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