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How to use Global Colors across multiple files

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I discovered Global Colors to be very useful. However, it seems difficult to use them across multiple documents (I was hoping for "global" to be "global" enough to at least cover my machine ;-) ).


Thus, I created a System palette from a palette of global colors, but when I use colors from the resulting palette in another file, the colors seem to have turned into plain regular colors, causing two disavdantages:

1) Obvious: Objects dont update when the color is chagned in the palette.

2) Less obvious: CMYK pure grayscale tones defined as 0/0/0/40 turn into a CMYK mixture of something looking like 81/80/99/26 (with non-zero CMY components), so the result in the printer's shop is probably a different gray tone.


So here are my questions:

Q1) How can I use global colors across files?

Q2) Is the behaviour mentioned in 2) expected (and why?), or is it a bug?




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Hi p10n,


As long as you do not want to keep the spot colours in the Global palette you can export this and then import as an Application palette.


I have tested your grayscale settings and it is keeping the CYMK values, Are you running the latest version of the app.




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Hi Darren,

thank you very much - yes this works for me! I did not think about exporting and re-importing, which seems to be what I need.


I just found that if I import the palette as a Document Palette, it even preserves the Global Colors as such, which is what I had looked for.

(A side-question I have now is how to get rid of outdated/broken Application Palettes that I imported during testing? :-) )


The CMYK thing (Q2) was probably a mistake by me, I cannot reproduce it now – will come back here if it happens again.


Thanks again!

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