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Multiple windows open at the same time

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It would be great if there was a better option then the "separate mode" to have multiple tab windows open at the same time. As in photoshop "float all in windows" option.





I also almost always work with multiple files side by side, whether dragging parts between windows or just matching the style of different images together. I know there is the separate mode option to do this but it is a very frustrating way to work in an image editing app.

The problem is that you lose the clean app background and it is replaced with a mess of other app windows, desktop background and random file icons. This is very distracting and also every click you miss Affinity windows the whole Affinity interface disappears.




I hope there would be an option in the preferences to just have all the windows open and still keep the user interface together in one window. Photoshop has this option (float all in windows) and it´s a great way of making the UI more flexible to different user scenarios.


Maybe a user editable tab bar would be an even more advanced implementation? So that you could pull windows off of it and put windows back into it. That way you could always manage your open files easily.

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