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align to key object!

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Hi - I know its been requested before! - This is really important for me..


I'm posting again because I don't see it on either the feature roadmap or the index of commonly requested features, so hopefully this will get it somewhere on the team's to-do list.


A recent switcher from Adobe Illustrator, I really like Designer, but this is a bit of a problem! - most other differences I've got used to... I think I even prefer the controversial eyedropper!




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Trial versions of the 1.6 releases will come eventually, but on past evidence you may have to wait for quite a while after the release of the retail versions.


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One more question about align first/last. Does it work with nodes too?


This tool really misses me.

With a shortcut it's really more effective than to create guides and to snap on it before deleting them.

To do a clean and quick job, it's absolutely necessary. (I talk about technical drawing, not making nice little Mickeys... )


The align tools for nodes is fine and pleasant to use. But I don't trust align with the hand draging the mouse on a complexe artwork.

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