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Mix brush behaviour changed

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Hello, thanks for new beta! I noticed one problem - the mix brush behaviour changed... to the worst


Previously i could click color reset - and mix brush automaticaly used sample under cursor when stroke starts always. There were no need to clear it after each stroke. Now it is "remember" sample, so i need to clear color after stroke every time.

Is it possible to return previous behaviour? or add "autoclearing" as additional option? It was really useful, "better smudge" basically, i used this feature a lot... now i literally start V1 just for that when extensive smudging needed (clearing manually after each stroke is a tedious and error prone thingy)

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22 hours ago, Gabe said:

Hey. Can you attach a screen recording of both v1 and v2 behaviour? I can't seem to see any difference between the two. 

Here it is. This is V1 version. Notice a click on reset disk on color mini-panel. After that mix brush working as it autoclear sample after each stroke

Screen Recording 2022-12-13 at 16.19.53.mov

And this is V2. Now, even colors were reset the same way as in V1 - the sample is NOT cleared automatically after stroke. I can press C each time - but this is really inconvenient.

Screen Recording 2022-12-13 at 16.21.51.mov

This feature is important because Mix brush mixing colors in more favorable way than smudge (smudge prefer brightness). 
And i found this trick on this forums - it`s not used by me only - it is really nice timesaver, making the same work with smudge require many additional postprocessings steps for same results (depending on colors)

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