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Tim Gummer

Fireworks Slicing Capsbilities

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I've come to understand slicing AD better but i'm still enormously frustrated, relative to how I used to work in Fireworks (apart from it's bugginess).


  1. scaling/moving  artwork objects under slices (in export persona)
  2. opt-drag cloning slices
  3. 8bit png alpha tranparency


scaling/moving  artwork objects under slices (in export persto use ona)

My main problem is that AD presumes I will scale slices relative to layers.  Actually frequently I need to scale layers (objects) to confirm with slices.  IE the slices provide a visual grid that i need to confirm to.


To achieve this now I either load up countless guides, or (and this is true, i really do this)  - I take a snapshot of the export persona and paste it in as a guide within the draw persona.


The way Fireworks behaved, or at least was meant to behave (god that thing was buggy), was far far better.




opt-drag cloning slices


8bit png alpha tranparency


...These latter two being self explanatory



Am I missing anything here?






Note previous queries about non-intuitive slices UI at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9881-slices-and-export/

one planet, one chance

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