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[iPad] Persona buttons need to be displayed for the user.

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So currently the persona buttons are all grouped into 1 button. I think this is wrong because these persona buttons are very important to go into and you just cant be hiding them from the user. We toggle into them. I know youre not constantly going into them but the whole app revolves around them. I need to be able to quickly toggle into them but when you hide them its not quick anymore. I dont want to do extra taps to get to them. I dont want to play hide and go seek. 

On your site you claim "From the top left of your workspace, you can instantly switch between the Designer Persona (vector mode) and Pixel Persona (raster mode) using the Personas drop-down menu." I dont think its "instantly switch" when I have to do extra taps to get into a drop down menu to get to my personas. Its slow and it is not "instantly." Everything that you want users to "easily access" should take the user 1 finger tap to get to. Anything more than 1 tap is not "instantly" or "easily accessible." You CAN claim "instantly switch" when you lay out all the personas for the user. You can then claim that once you do that. All the personas were laid out in v1 for the users. Now, theyve been grouped into a drop menu and now its slower to get to them.

The only reason, and please hear me out when I say this, the only reason why you guys put them in a drop down menu was because of the placement of the context toolbar on the same bar as the personas. This context toolbar placement is ruining the UI and its interfering with the workflow of the user. You just cant put the context toolbar on the same bar as the personas. You can't because theres already so much going on in that bar. Theres so many buttons that youre just now forced to squeeze all these buttons into 1 bar. Theres so many buttons that you have to group buttons with other buttons and turn them into drop down menu buttons. Ugh. Its just upsetting. This context toolbar has several buttons for each tool and because of all those buttons youre now forced to make the context toolbar a priority over everything else on this bar and now youre hiding other important buttons to make room for the context toolbar. Important buttons like the personas.  You just shouldnt be hiding the personas. You need to display them for the user and this context toolbar needs to be moved else where. Ill make a whole post talking about this context toolbar placement.

Below is an image of how it should be. This applies for the other apps as well. The home button has also been turned into an arrow button. Look at this post for reference on the home button. 


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