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Blue Drop Zone Line & New Drop Zone Indication Inside Layer

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Okay. Im so happy. Like, really happy you made the blue drop zone line in the layers panel 100% opacity. Thats how it should be. I should be able to see a 100% opacity bright blue line in my layers contrasting with the dark gray UI. Thats how it was in v1. What you did in v2 was you guys took our blue drop zone line and lowered its opacity. You made it harder for us to see our indicator. There was no contrast. Now, youve fixed it by increasing its opacity to 100%. Thank you so much for that! This issue has been solved. Thank you. Dont EVER lower its opacity again. Please.

The new drop zone inside layer..........I dont know what to think of it. It doesnt bother me. Its not an issue. it works. Its something new. It for sure is better than v2 because v2 doesnt even have an indication. I kind of miss the middle blue line drop zone indicator from v1. This is pretty much the same only my middle blue line has been expanded to be the whole width of the layer. 

Hmmmm ūü§Ēif I really think about it and if I want to justify what you guys did.........my opinion is I think this is better. Better because you've introduced a¬†size difference¬†to our blue line indicator and thats going to help out users. Before a thin blue line indicator was used to show moving a layer up, down, or in the middle to create a clipping mask. They were all the same blue line size. I feel like this was possibly confusing for the user because it was hard to tell if you were moving your layer or creating a clipping mask. Now, with the size difference, we've taken moving a layer up or down to be a thin blue line indicator and any clipping mask drop zone inside layer is now a thick blue highlighted layer. Theres now an indicator "size difference" between these 2 actions(moving a layer up/down & clipping mask)¬†and users will now be able to tell what theyre doing so I think this great.¬†ūüĎŹ

My only design issue is........ I wish selected layers in the layers panel were a light gray color like in v1 instead of this 50% opacity blue like in v2. I say this because right now you got blue, on blue, next to blue. Theres no contrast. Its too blue. Theres blue everywhere. I think when you select a layer in the layers panel it should be a light gray color and when you do a clipping mask the other layer should turn a bright blue and now youre going to have better contrast and better layer color indication for the user. So thats what needs to happen. Ill mock it up in a bit for you. 


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Pretty much the blue line drop zone lines were all the same size so to separate clipping mask from moving a layer up/down indicator size difference was used to make the clipping mask indicator thicker or the width size of a layer. Now, in the layers panel, since the new drop zone indicator for clipping mask will be the width of a layer in a bright blue color and selected layers are also blue color you need to introduce a color difference to fix this. to separate selected layers from a clipping mask drop zone


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I was curious. When you move a layer to do a clipping mask or just to move it up/down that layer goes down in opacity. I think it goes down to 50% opacity. Could we try 25% opacity? I want to see how that looks. Im wondering if it would be better because the layer at 50% opacity does make it a little hard to see whats underneath. Juuuust a little hard so maybe lowering it to 25%  opacity would work? Can we beta try that? I just want to try it. We can always go back to 50% opacity.

Layer Opacity.jpg

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It was an early bug not fixed on iPad v2 release, now it is the same as desktop V2. Watch a desktop tutorial on how it now works.


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Hi MoonaticDestiny,

Thank you very much for the feedback.
I just wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts you've been putting into looking at the iPad UI. It is unlikely that there will be any more big sweeping changes to it for the rest of the 2.0.3 cycle, so a lot of bigger improvements you're suggesting at this current time are unlikely to be resolved.

I'm going to move these ones to the Feedback forum as they will likely be true of 2.0.3 when it is released, but useful feedback for 2.x going forwards.

With the Beta forums we're primarily looking for issues that have regressed since the last public version. So any if you find a bugs affects that wasn't a problem in 2.0.2 (currently live iPad Store build) is something we definitely want to know about!

However if an issue you're seeing does also effect this build, then it is best located in the non-Beta bug forums here. It also benefits other users who may have come across that issue and find it in that forum as well.


Again, thank you very much for your effort!

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