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Adding texture as in AI

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I don't know why my post got deleted - so I try to repost it. I have also read the forum rules and I see nothing that should have warranted a deletion of my post. Please contact me instead of just deleting if you believe I have broken any forum rules.


At the above link at 2:08 the youtube is adding a texture to her project. She is doing it through Texture panel <> Swatches <> Patterns <> Basic Graphics <> Basic_Graphics_Textures.
How do I do that in Affinity Designer?

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Affinity apps do not support vector patterns. As a workaround, you could expand a stroke into a closed shape and then fill it with a vector image by clipping it into the shape forming a pipe. Or you can work directly with a curve segment and then use the Fill Tool to apply a bitmap for the stroke, and additionally use the Appearance panel to apply a second stroke in the background to define a background color. The latter method is useful as you could continue to shape the pipe in any way you like. The bitmap fill however would rasterize the curve the bitmap fill is applied to so the pipe shape would not keep the smooth appearance that it has when it is edited.  


Version 2 apps should allow dragging bitmap fills for both the fill and stroke of shapes from the Assets panel, but the feature seems to be buggy at the moment (both on macOS and Windows).Dragging bitmaps directly from the file system onto the bitmap fill icon on the toolbar does work, though.


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