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[Fixed] ADesigner: Saved styles do not keep their settings

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Once you create and apply a style that has a stroke width specified, an incorrect stroke width will be applied to the path once you apply the style. To make things worse, the stroke width will vary depending on the zoom level.




1. Use the pen or pencil tool to create an open path.

2. Set the stroke width to 5px (could be any value, but let's work with 5 for now).

3. No fill.

4. Select the path and in the Styles palette's menu select "Add Style from Selection"

5. Deselect the path

6. Draw another path using the pen/pencil tool

7. Apply the style you just created by clicking on the style. The stroke with will be 5px as you specified.

8. Select another style to apply to the stroke (doesn't matter which one).

9. And now select the style again you just created.

10. Notice the stroke with is now some other value (like 2.93px) as opposed to 5px.

11. Zoom in to the document

12. Draw another path using the pen/pencil tool

13. Apply your style you created. Now the width of the stroke is yet again something different.


If I save a style with a specified stroke width, that stroke width should be applied to the path when I select the saved style. If the stroke width saved in the style is 13px, then once I apply the saved style to a path, the stroke width should be 13px regardless of zoom or other factors. That is the whole point of saving a style.


ADesigner 1.4.1

OS X El Crapitan 10.11.3


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Good find … :)


(I am not sure but I don’t believe this has to do with the zoom factor, but rather with the length of the path you create. It seems that something like a “Scale with Object” button gets tacitly engaged, as soon as you create a style …)

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Pentool and Alex, this problem does exist in 1.4.2 using Yosemite also.  And Alex seems to be right that it has to do with the length of the path.  


My original line was about 7" long with the 5 pt stroke.


A new line about:

6" long gave me 3.7 pt.

10.5" long gave me 5.9 pt.

2.3" long gave me 2.2 pt.


I made another exactly the same as the last and got 2.2 pt again.


But I was surprised that a line I created the same size as the original resulted in 3.6 pt.  So the AD style doesn't seem to be remembering the width correctly.  But if I go back to the original line, make a change to the stroke, then apply the style the width results in 5 pt.


Varying the length of the node control handle makes an easy control for the length of the line and made a big difference in resulting width with repeatable results.  The shape didn't seem to matter.


It also didn't seem to matter if the Scale with object was set when the style was created or not.



iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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