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Affinity Photo V2 Create Custom Export Preset.

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I've searched the support forum and the web but can't seem to find an explanation of how to save an Export Custom Preset. Ideally I'd like to be able to export an image at e.g. 1960px and have a preset for this as at the moment I seem to have to adjust the px value each time.

What I would really like is to export so that the longest side is set to in this case 1960. Seem to be able to do it in Apple Photos and other photo software but not looking to edit in Affinity and then use another app to resize.

If I adjust the Size to 1960px and save as a preset when I next select the preset it doesn't remember the Size value and reverts to the full image size.




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I would suggest using the Export Persona instead of the Export Dialog for this sort of thing.
Within the Export Persona you can set a Slice to have the dimensions you need (amongst many other things) and it’s set forever, or until you need to change it.
Look for export persona in the Help for more information.

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You’re welcome.

Various people, myself included, have commented on how it’s not easy to see that you can set different image dimensions, especially when using the Light UI, and that the Help doesn’t explain it well. (I only found out about it because someone else told me.)

Note: You shouldn’t have to create a Slice for the whole document in most cases as the software usually creates one automatically (and you just have to edit it if necessary).

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For anyone coming here and asking themselve: "how can I set an export resolution exactly now?!": 

Go to the Export Persona and find your main export slice for your document. 
On the left side of the filename for your slice is a dropdown with which you can set the resolution, you want your image scaled to when exporting. 

For example: My Image is square with something like 2800 x 2800 px. I want it to be exported as 1000 x 1000 px. 
Therefore I write '1000p' into the Dropdown/Combo-Box. 

I don't know why they called it 1000p instead of 1000px, but I assume, they might be following the same logic as 720p and 1080p here, only specifying the horizontal resolution (a.k.a the 'height' of the image) and scaling the width accordingly. 

Bildschirm­foto 2023-01-25 um 13.17.48.png

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