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Frequent freezing when zooming/moving with gestures on Surface Pro 8

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I have a Surface Pro 8 i7 16gb. Every few minutes the program goes completely unresponsive and hangs, requiring force-quit.

It seems to be related to using multitouch gestures to zoom in and out, and to move around the document. However, when it happens appears to be random (I just tested it with a document I did not make any edits to and the freeze occurred after 43 seconds of using gestures the first time and 136 seconds the second time; the third time I attempted to continuously move for a protracted period without removing my fingers from the touchscreen and it did not freeze, so perhaps it has something to do with the speed of successive touch inputs).

It happens in both Photo and Designer. I have not used Publisher yet so I can't say if it does the same there.

It does not make a difference whether OpenCL is enabled or not (OpenCL did cause similar freezes and crashes for me in v1 several years ago on a Surface Pro 2017 i5, but I have tried it both enabled and disabled and still have this freeze). Currently it is disabled.

Unfortunately I don't have any crash logs because the program doesn't crash, just hangs, and has to be closed as an unresponsive program.

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Update: Problem persisted on 2.03 until I updated Intel Arc Graphics driver, as the Microsoft driver for this tablet is more than a year out of date. As far I can tell through non-exhaustive testing (20 minutes of sketching), this has resolved it. I will report back if it resumes with my regular workflow.

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  • Staff

The issue "App hangs when zooming" (REF: AFD-6338) has now been fixed by the developers.
This fix is included in build (or later) which is already available as a customer beta and will be included in the next release.
Customer beta builds are announced here and you can participate by following these instructions.

If you still experience this problem once you are using that build version (or later) please make a new thread referencing this one.

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