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inpaint cause crash

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I've been trying out Affinity Photo for a few days,

and while astonished by the Inpaint Brush feature, found out it causes the app to crash when trying to do the following:


1. use Inpaint Brush to remove some spot on image

2. export to PNG


It's often okay on some particular images, or if the inpainted area is small.


However, I found several images that always cause the crash, when inpainted upto some particular amount of area.

It usually crashes when I click the "export" button on the export window, but sometimes even just opening the export window causes the crash.


The image is not that large -- 320x478 JPEG files -- and I'm just trying out with my personal photos for fun.



Tried a dozen times, with several other images, after restarting the app, after reboot, even tried re-installing Affinity Photos. Still the same.


Tested with Affinity Photo Trial 1.4, on OS X 10.10.5. 




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Hi jangxyz,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Those issues/crashes were related with a few bugs when exporting files (notably PNG and PDF). They were already fixed in version 1.4.1 (already available in the Mac App Store).

The trial wasn't updated yet (will be soon) so it still crashes in those circumstances.

Thanks for your report.

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